What is a memory studio?

A place where memories are solidified and made permanent. A place where we can reminisce over moments in our lives, both simple and significant. It isn’t really a place at all but a gift – a gift of memory.

Imagine if you could go back ten years and have a snapshot of what your life was like then. Think about the people who were there, those who are now gone and how your life has changed since then. Wouldn’t it be something special to see the faces and hear the voices of your family and friends from years gone by.

Having home video was something that we always had growing up around home. Either my Grandpa’s, Auntie or my Dad seemed to always have a video camera in our faces when we were kids. They weren’t fancy recordings or always entertaining (although there was a lot of that too), but they were ours. Something for my brothers and I to watch as we grew up, to let us see our parents when they were younger and ourselves as kids as we battled and fought for the attention of the camera. When family members passed away, those video memories remained so that we never forgot the faces, laughs and quiet moments we shared with the family who were once part of our everyday.

Those videos are a beautiful snapshot of my early life and I treasure those video tapes and the moments they contain. It’s something we are losing as families and individuals with the increase of mobile footage as the modern day replacement. While this is still one way to store our memories easily and quickly, when do we ever really watch those clips back? When do we ever bother to scroll through our timeline or camera roll to watch the disjointed videos? It doesn’t quite have the same effect when all we have are vertical clips scattered through our phones or laptops.

What if you could go back and have beautifully captured moments of your children as babies. Not just photographs but living, breathing, video of their early days. Hearing their giggles and watching their face light up as you make those silly faces and noises at them. Maybe you would love to have footage of your own parents, remember them when they were young and vibrant, doting over their new children and grandchildren. Or your friends at a birthday party, having a laugh together before you had a care in the world! What if you had all these moments compiled in one place so you can easily watch them again and again, making them a permanent part of your memory.

That is exactly what a memory studio does. Capture moments that are worth remembering in moving image. It might be a simple day at home with the family or an afternoon walk out and about with the girls. Maybe it’s your friend’s 21st Birthday or your parent’s 25th wedding anniversary. Whoever you are, I believe that your life is full of both simple and significant moments that are worth celebrating and remembering through film.

These films aren’t a gift for tomorrow, next month or even next year. They are an investment, and a gift, for your friends and family to treasure in 5 years, 10 years and beyond.

Don’t forget to remember today.