Family life possesses multitudes of memories that are worth holding onto for years to come, and video is a beautiful way to preserve these.

Whether it’s a special birthday, anniversary, or just ‘a day in the life’, a keepsake film is the perfect gift that keeps on giving.

Capture moments that are worth remembering in moving image. It might be a simple day at home with the family or an afternoon walk out and about with the girls. Maybe it’s your friend’s 21st Birthday or your parents 25th wedding anniversary. Whoever you are, I believe that life is full of both simple and significant moments that are worth celebrating and remembering through film.

Never forget the little moments.

I can just imagine how much they will enjoy looking back on this, when they are older and perhaps with little ones themselves. Simple moments that make your heart burst with happiness, they are life’s greatest possessions.

Anna Corry, Blossoming Birds


These films aren’t a gift for tomorrow, next month or even next year. They are an investment, and a gift, for your friends and family to treasure in 5 years, 10 years and beyond. You can’t really put a price on beautiful memories… but unfortunately I have to! I try to keep my prices as realistic as possible while keeping in mind that the contents of each film I make will only grow in value with each year that passes.

  • Family + Lifestyle Packages

    I offer a range of different package options but if you have an idea for a family & lifestyle film, feel free to let me know, and we can build a package that suits you!

    Package prices start at £150.


    View and download the Pricing Brochure here:

    Memory Studio Brochure 2019

  • Mini Session

    Having Day+Age along to film a special one off event or celebration provides a memorable keepsake film for all your guests to enjoy in years to come. A birthday party, bridal/baby shower, engagement party or photography shoot ‘behind-the-scenes’ film.

    (Mini ‘At Home’ sessions also available)

  • Lifestyle Session

    Capture simple everyday moments in a natural, relaxed way.

    Family time and playing with the kids, or an afternoon out and about, walking the dog. Maybe you’d love to capture a relaxed afternoon with the girls, having coffee and a walk on the beach. It can sound so simple and yet these types of moments can provide a beautiful, intimate keepsake for years to come. Whatever those simple, special moments are, I want to store them for you.

    (This session is ideal for larger groups)

  • Bespoke Session

    Why not build a bespoke package that can be adapted to suit your plans and ideas. Combining event and lifestyle sessions in one package to create a timeless keepsake that can be a special gift for friends and family. A bespoke film is a perfect group gift for a significant birthday, wedding or anniversary.

If you have an idea for a family & lifestyle film, feel free to let me know, and we can build a package that suits you!

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